Episode 3 Junketsu

  • Episode 4 Preview (30 sec. Version)

Storyboard・Episode Director / 
Akira Amemiya
Art Director / 
Mai Yoneyama

Satsuki Kiryuin has been using Life Fibers, the source of the Goku Uniforms' power, to advance her plot to conquer all of the nation’s academies. To fight back against this, Dr. Isshin Matoi, Ryuko's father, created a Kamui, a
uniform woven entirely out of Life Fibers. This is Senketsu. However, there
is one other Kamui in existence. Its name is Junketsu. Clad in this Kamui,
Satsuki's might is overwhelming, and Ryuko is put on the ropes. But then
Ryuko realizes that her own heart is the reason why she can't master
wearing Senketsu, and then...