Episode 5 Trigger

  • Episode 6 Preview (30 sec. Version)

Storyboard & Episode Director / 
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Art Director / 
Masahiro Iwasaki

Ryuko is defeating Honnouji Academy's club presidents at a steady pace.
One day, a man by the name of Tsumugu Kinagase appears before her.
Kinagase wields a machine gun that neutralizes the abilities of Goku
Uniforms, so he can hold off even the Two-Star club presidents. All of a
sudden, he demands that Ryuko takes off her Kamui. Ryuko and Tsumugu
begin a huge brawl all across the school, trading blows with members of
other clubs as they go. When she is on the ropes, Senketsu tries to help her escape by trying to fight Tsumugu by himself.