Episode 6 Don't Toy Me on a Whim

  • Episode 7 Preview (30 sec. Version)

Storyboard & Episode Director / 
Daizen Komatsuda
Art Director / 
Masaru Sakamoto

The Elite Four, Satsuki's right hand. One of them, Uzu Sanageyama, speaks
directly with Satsuki and is granted permission to face Ryuko in battle.
Sanageyama's astonishing dynamic visual acuity allows him to anticipate his
opponent's every move and get the drop on them. Ryuko finds her back
against the wall in the blink of an eye. But Ryuko, realizing that all she has to do is blind him, slices up Senketsu and covers up all of Sanageyama's eyes
and emerges victorious. Later, the defeated Sanageyama demonstrates his
resolve to Satsuki and asks her for one more chance to face Ryuko. This
demonstation of his resolve is...!